Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh

We are members of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a fellowship of more than 70 million Christians that developed from the Church of England. The Anglican Communion is a collection of 38 individual National or Provincial church organizations. We are united not only by our historical ties, but also by our form of worship, which is based on a common prayer book, and our system of church government, which is ordered around an overseer, called a bishop.

Anglican Church in North America
The Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) unites some 100,000 Anglicans in over 1,000 parishes in 28 dioceses, into a single Church. It is a Province-in-formation in the global Anglican Communion, committed to reaching North America with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.
Anglicans for Life
Anglicans for Life is the only global Anglican ministry dedicated to inspiring the Anglican Church to understand and compassionately apply God's Word when addressing abortion, abstinence, adoption, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research.
Anglican Frontier Missions
AFM is a mission organization that seeks to plant churches among 25 of the largest minority groups on earth. Their vision is to see God glorified through the multiplication of biblical, indigenous churches among these groups.
Anglican Relief and Development
Through the love of Jesus Christ, ARDF strives to connect those who can provide with those who need through a holistic, high impact, and proven community development approach so that believers are strengthened and encouraged, lives are rescued and made whole, and Christ is glorified.
Choices Pregnancy Center

Choices Pregnancy Center exists to empower people to make informed choices concerning their pregnancy by giving accurate counsel and truthful information. Our desire is: to help individuals consider the sanctity of life, the benefits of sexual abstinence and purity, the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to find hope and healing through abortion recovery groups.


Also get more pro-life information on this site: https://www.lifesitenews.com

Church's Ministry among Jewish People

CMJ USA's mission is to equip local congregations to share the transforming love of Messiah Jesus with their Jewish friends and neighbors. Our heart's cry is to reach the 2,000,000 Jewish people in medium and small U.S. cities, who have little or no sustained Gospel ministry, with the news of their Messiah in a sensitive and effective way through a network of local congregations.

Mustard Seed Project
The Mustard Seed Project was established to provide "Acts of Mercy and Acts of Mission in East and Central Africa." We joyfully embrace our mission to encourage and to celebrate all of those whom Jesus has called to love and serve Rwanda - The thousands of individuals, families, groups, schools and churches in the U.S. and around the world who give of their time, talents, resources and prayers for the people of Rwanda.
New Wineskins
New Wineskins helps Anglicans in the U.S. and Canada be more knowledgeable, active, and effective in fulfilling our Lord's Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by raising mission vision and awareness focusing attention on unreached people groups around the world encouraging prayer and care for Anglican missionaries sponsoring the New Wineskins for Global Mission conferences every three years
Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders
The Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS) is a missionary sending community. SAMS engages in dynamic relationships with the church worldwide, experiencing the broken restored, the wounded healed, the hungry fed, and the lost found through the love and power of Jesus Christ.
Uncommon Grounds Cafe
Join the community of Aliquippa and Church Army U.S.A. at the Uncommon Grounds cafe and experience the work that God is doing through this organization. This city has been built for great things, better than ever before! Help us to reclaim our community.
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