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April 15, 2015, 1:00 PM

Side by Side – Pastor John and Blanche Heidengren -- April 2015

Side by Side – Pastor John and Blanche Heidengren

(I’m continuing a multi-month series on “Things to Do to Start the New Year Off Right”)

2015 is here.  Need to add to your New Year’s Resolution?  Here’s a third idea to consider that can help us in our personal growth.

3. Read a different kind of book – “Leaders are readers.”  To start the New Year off right, I want to encourage you to read something completely different and out of your comfort zone.  Some pastors say they only read non-fiction and say they have no time for fiction.  Guess what?  Truth and beauty can be found in fiction.  Have you ever read or watched the movie “The Lord of the Rings?”  I think we would all agree that Tolkien was a genius and God had His hand on His writing.  God can use eye-opening movies like that to open our minds to reading books out of our usual pattern.

Maybe you only read “Christian” or “ministry” books and need to read a “business” book.  Maybe you need to read an historical book or biography.   Whatever may be your case, branch out this year and read something totally different.  You’ll be better for it.

I’ll have yet another something new for you next month that you can add to your New Year’s Resolution.                                                                                             –Pastor John


I love Easter time even more than Christmas!  Why? I am excited about it because we take the time to meditate on and celebrate all that Christ did for us in His sacrifice on the cross and in His glorious resurrection.  I have a new favorite song that I want to share with you that celebrates Jesus and all He did for us through His life, death and resurrection.  It’s called, “Because He Lives (Amen)” by Matt Maher.


Here’s a link to a music video of it with the lyrics so you can sing along like we do. 


“I believe in the Son, I believe in the risen One,
I believe I overcome, by the power of His blood.

Chorus: Amen, Amen, I’m alive, I’m alive, Because He lives, Amen, Amen
Let my song join the one that never ends, Because He lives.

I was dead in the grave, I was covered in sin and shame,
I heard mercy call my name, He rolled the stone away / Chorus

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, Because He lives,
Every fear is gone I know He holds my life my future in His hands.

Because He lives, Because He lives” Yes, because He lives
we who put our trust in Him are overcomers!


Have a blessed Easter celebration,

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