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February 27, 2017, 7:58 PM

Side by Side -- March 2017

I recently started going to the gym in the mornings. Now it’s not something I’d been doing very much in the past few years. It’s hard to get up and exercise when I’d rather sleep in and lay still. You know what I mean! Anyway, after procrastinating for most of January (having purchased a yearly membership and feeling bad for not using it), I went one morning. While on the rowing machine, I saw Herb Bailey, Church Army Captain and Ministry Director at the Uncommon Grounds Café working out as well. We chatted and I lost track of time as I completed my routine and drove home. It was nice to see a familiar face and it encouraged me to see someone else getting up early and exercising. Since then, I have seen nine people I know and made 6 new friends.

So if you’ve fallen off of a regular habit and you’re searching for motivation to pick back up with some good habit, ask God to help you. You might get hooked on a daily routine through friendships, or renewed health, or just the gift from God of a stronger motivation to do it. Sometimes it is a spiritual battle, since the enemy knows our victory and success in one area of our life will lead to victory and success in another area. And let me know how I can pray for you in your area of struggle – I’ve got lots of prayer time on the treadmill and I’d be glad to include your needs in my prayers!

-Pastor John


We are doing a study on Wednesday mornings by Bible teacher Mark Virkler, that teaches us how to hear God speak though our dreams. He makes a good point from Scriptures that God delights in speaking to us in the day and in the "visions of the night" as we sleep upon our beds. And why not? We are asleep for roughly 33% of our lifetime...and God loves to speak to us all the time, so why wouldn't He continue to speak to us while we are asleep? In fact, He speaks to us in ways that we might not listen to when we are awake. In the Bible, God speaks through dreams to give us a message, to warn, to guide, and to give a heavenly experience.

Can you remember what you dreamed last night? Now some of you may say, "I didn't dream anything last night." Did you know that EVERYONE dreams? Yes, if you study what really happens scientifically while you sleep, you will learn that the average person who sleeps around 8 hours, dreams for about an hour and a half! So instead of asking, "Did you dream last night?" the question we need to ask is, "Do you remember what you dreamed?"  According to Mark Virkler, who has been teaching on dreams for over 25 years, all you have to do is put a pen and paper by your bedside, and ask the Lord from your heart right before you fall asleep to wake you a few minutes before you normally would awake, and you will remember what you just dreamed. Then you write it down right away before you forget it. Mark also teaches about how we can biblically interpret our own dreams as they are personally given to each of us. Feel free to ask me more about this when you see me at church. Sweet dreams!

Blessings!  Blanche

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